'Lukas Valiauga becomes a Lukas Valiauga PLC’.
He forms a fictitious company - Luck Inc. 
and now offers a public trade selling the luck of his life.'

Context: This project is a campaign (and a platform) for workshops, performances and events in engaging audiences in a conversation about the present cult of neo-liberal democracy.

Response: A story starts with Lukas Valiauga developing an alter-ego; a person called 'Lukas Valiauga PLC'. Slightly resembling the Patrick Bateman from American Psycho this person embodies all the necessary capitalist attitudes effectively making his life to be a business. 

To make his life truly a business Lukas Valiauga PLC declares his student debt to be a pool of shares that will be sold for investors. Return to each share will then be based on the Luck of a life of Lukas Valiauga PLC.

During a series of ‘Investor Meetings’ participants are being presented with an intimate information considering Lukas’s life in emotional and economic aspects. Participants who bought Lukas's shares are contractually tied to the success of Lukas Valiauga PLC and they then have to negotiate between being humane and being profit driven as they guide Lukas's decisions.
“To this day Lukas Valiauga had raised a strong community of investors. Who, in turn had raised Lukas’s board of directors and consultants. In regard to which Lukas is constantly holding meetings to discuss performance.
Company meetings are a vital part of effectively plotting a strategy towards long-term future.”
- (An excerpt from a ‘Sales Pitch’)


Luck estimated

A value of Lukas Valiauga PLC is established using a formula which considers belongings, signature work and other financial input to back the debt that Lukas has accrued whilst studying.

Schemes are made using an openly available data on social class dispersion, housing market, crime rate et al. - things that define
the individual lifetime success. 
Risk and return estimation for a life of Lukas are established using this data.

(Formulas derived from the conversations I had with an insurance analyst Domenico Del Re.)